Walking or Running: Which is a better exercise?

When someone mentions that you have to work on your cardio, they usually mean that you should start walking or running. Both are great for your heart. But which one is better? 


There isn’t a straight answer. Just as much as running, walking is a great option too. It mostly depends on your preferences and your body. For those with great fitness levels already, running won’t be a problem. On the other hand, walking might suit your goals better if you are new to sports. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s explore both in more detail.

The Difference in Health Benefits

Although many think about them as the same thing, the difference between running and walking really does exist. In essence, running exercise is much better if you are looking to lose weight. Even though walking can help with that too, running leads to fewer pounds much

Sexually arousing fantasies you might never know

There are many fetishes out there, and some can be quite strange. If you think that Fifty Shades of Grey was the pinnacle of kinky stuff, you’re in for a rough ride. Here is a list of kinks that you probably had no idea existed.

What is paraphilia?

Paraphilia is an intense sexual interest in an object or part of the body that isn’t inherently sexual. In simple terms, a person is turned on by something that isn’t usually a turn-on for people. This can include different sex fantasies, situations, clothing, body parts that aren’t sexual (other than genitals or breasts), behaviors, and so on.

The intensity of one’s paraphilia can vary from person to person, and for some, it can be a simple kink, while others will have a full-blown fetish.

Some of the weirdest kinks you might never know

You already know that some people love spanking, feet,

Why Tongue Vibrators Guarantee Powerful Orgasms

A relatively recent survey has shown that, among straight couples, women don’t reach orgasms as nearly as often as men do. The numbers say that, in a long-lasting relationship, 75% of men always reach orgasm. In the same scenario, the percentage of women who climax is at 26%. That’s a significant difference, and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons men are perceptibly more interested in having sex.

A person’s inability to reach orgasm even after ample stimulation is what we call anorgasmia. While men have it too, female anorgasmia is far more common. But just because you might have issues getting to the promised land doesn’t necessarily mean you need to visit your doctor. Sometimes, all you need is a push to get there. As Bob Dylan put it, the road is longer, and it winds and winds. Now, Dylan may or may not have been speaking about female orgasms, …

How to Organize a Fun Run in 11 Steps

If you have been tasked with organizing a fun run fundraiser, prepare yourself for a big adventure! Planning and executing any peer-to-peer fundraising event is not a job for the timid. It’s hard work and, if it’s not done well, it can quickly become overwhelming. But, here’s the good news; when you invest sufficient thought, preparation, and energy into your project, a fun run fundraiser can generate huge financial and public-relations windfalls for your school or non-profit organization. Knowing how to organize a fun run is the key.

As you consider a fun run fundraiser, know that the secret to a phenomenal success comes as the result of planning, planning and more planning. Not only must you plan for huge success we’re sure your event will be, but you must also plan and prepare for all the things that could go wrong. And, trust us, there are more than …

Preparing for a Fun Run – checklist for final two weeks

Do you have a fun run looming? There are things you can do in the final two weeks to improve your performance – that have nothing to do with running!

Here’s a checklist for preparing for a fun run, no matter what distance you’re tackling.

Have a training plan
You should be following a training plan for 9-12 weeks prior to your event that builds you up gradually and tapers you off before the race. Stick to it!
Don’t be tempted to fit in extra runs in the last couple of weeks as you get nervous!

Book a massage

Don’t run within 12 hours of your massage. I find it best to book my massage before my rest day. Try to book the massage about a week or two prior to your race. Never get a deep tissue massage within 3 days prior to a race or you could be …

The 6 Benefits of Joining a Family Fun Run

Running is perhaps one of the easiest ways for the whole family to get into a healthy, active lifestyle. All it takes is a good pair of running shoes and a safe and conducive environment.

Thinking of taking the sport up a notch? Why not join a run that the whole family can enjoy? Running events like the MILO Marathon have several race categories that both you and your kids can handle (usually 3k and 5k for kids and 5k, 10, 21k and 42k for adults).

Here are 6 more reasons why you should join:

1. It’s good for the body and the mind.

It goes without saying: running does wonders for the body by strengthening your bones and muscles, exercising your lungs, and boosting the immune system. Living an active lifestyle also makes one more mentally alert, which means kids who are active also tend to be active …

The Benefits of Participating in a Fun Run

If you love the idea of staying active with other people in your community, but hate the thought of competing in a marathon or 5k, you should consider signing up for a fun run instead. A fun run is truly the best of both worlds. It allows you to get outdoors and exercise, but it’s not noncompetitive, which means there’s no pressure to run the fastest or finish first. Are you intrigued? Learn about a few of the many benefits of participating in a fun run:

Reignites your passion for running.

People often fall into a rut after running day in and day out, which causes them to lose their passion and actually dread getting on the treadmill or going outside for a run. But, participating in a fun run can help you reignite your passion for the activity because it’s something new and exciting for you to do.…