Sexually arousing fantasies you might never know

There are many fetishes out there, and some can be quite strange. If you think that Fifty Shades of Grey was the pinnacle of kinky stuff, you’re in for a rough ride. Here is a list of kinks that you probably had no idea existed.

What is paraphilia?

Paraphilia is an intense sexual interest in an object or part of the body that isn’t inherently sexual. In simple terms, a person is turned on by something that isn’t usually a turn-on for people. This can include different sex fantasies, situations, clothing, body parts that aren’t sexual (other than genitals or breasts), behaviors, and so on.

The intensity of one’s paraphilia can vary from person to person, and for some, it can be a simple kink, while others will have a full-blown fetish.

Some of the weirdest kinks you might never know

You already know that some people love spanking, feet, hair, role-playing, or any other kinks that are considered normal. However, there are so many other, less usual, weird kinks you might not even know exist.


The word comes from the Greek words “agalma,” meaning statue, and “philia,” which is love. A person with this fetish is sexually attracted to statues. While the first thing on your mind would be someone humping a Statue of Liberty, it can also mean that a person is attracted to dolls or mannequins.

Since there are many fetishes out there, it isn’t hard to imagine people fantasizing about inanimate objects. In fact, in 1877, there was a person who fell in love with Venus de Milo and tried to have sex with her.


Someone with coprophilia loves having feces involved in their sex life. They get aroused by excrement, and this fantasy involves a lot of pooping. If you are surprised by this kink, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time on the internet.

It seems that the fetish is not nearly as rare as some might think. The other common term for this fetish is scat, which is why you should be careful while searching for vocal jazz improvisations online.


To lighten the mood a bit, we will continue with exhibitionism. As you are probably aware, there are people out there with long trench coats that love showing what’s underneath it (spoiler alert: it’s nothing).

These people love showing their private parts in public, and it can be breasts, genitals, or even butt. Almost every year, we have a sports event where someone runs around naked showing their private parts to the world. This is a perfect example of exhibitionism.


Now that we’ve all had a giggle remembering a naked dude being chased across the field, let’s go back to the weird stuff. Frotteurism comes from the French word “frotter,” which means to rub. A person is usually called frotteur, and they love rubbing their pelvic area or penis against other people.

Most commonly, this is done without consent, which gives us a tiny glimpse into the rape fantasy. These people enjoy the fact that their victim isn’t suspecting anything, and as you can guess, it is a criminal offense and a form of sexual assault. Of course, a safe way to indulge your fantasies is through role-playing with consent from your partner.


If we remind you of the fact that “nasus” comes from Latin, and it means nose, you can probably guess that there are people out there who are into noses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone is fantasizing about sex with a nose (although it wouldn’t be surprising), but that they enjoy licking and sucking someone’s nose.

The practice is often used as a part of power dynamics in the BDSM relationships, where a dominant person will “order” their sub to eat nasal secretions.


“Necro” means death in Greek, and people with necrophilia fantasize about sexual acts with corpses. Cases of necrophilia have been recorded throughout history, and there are mentions of it in ancient Egypt, Greece, Peru, and almost everywhere in the world.

The most important thing to mention here is that there are different classes of necrophilia. For some, it is just a form of role-playing with a consensual partner. Others fantasize about it but have no plans to try it. Unfortunately, things can go a bit farther than that, so there are those who can’t imagine having sex with someone who is alive.



The next one on the list is reserved for those that are aroused by the sight or feel of pubic hair. This isn’t something that should be surprising. Some people love the natural look, and while it is a lot less popular now compared to the seventies, there are still those who would rather go au naturel.

While some might think that this is just a preference, keep in mind that we are talking about people who are aroused by pubic hair, not those who simply prefer it one way or the other.


Teratophilia is sexual attraction to monsters or deformities. People with teratophilia believe that they are able to see the beauty of the person behind the deformity, and for many, it is just a fantasy. Monsters are often able to capture masculinity without being just a man.

The monster of choice can be anything. For some, it is Krampus, while others prefer Pennywise or even Venom. You are probably wondering if Belle from the Beauty and the Beast had this fetish, aren’t you?


Let’s talk about watersports. We have already mentioned some people love poo, and it would be rude not to mention those who love peeing on each other. Urophilia or urolagnia is a fetish for urine. A person with this kink might enjoy thinking about pee, seeing it, or playing with it.

Thanks to some of the entries on the list, it seems that this is a common sexual fantasy since many people enjoy the idea of golden showers.


Vorarephilia often goes by the shorter name vore, and it is a fetish where a person is aroused by thinking about being eaten. In some cases, people will fantasize about eating other people, and in less common cases, about eating in general.

The important thing here to mention is that we are not talking about cannibalism. People with vorarephilia don’t want someone to put them on a barbecue, add some chili, and eat them with a fork and knife. It usually refers to being swallowed in one bite.

Since this is not really possible, there are communities online dedicated to comics and cartoons that can bring this fantasy closer to life.


Zoophilia is a sexual interest in animals. It usually means any non-human species, but not fictional creatures. Some people claim that there is a difference between zoophilia and bestiality, while others use these two terms interchangeably.

If we take a look at the difference between these two terms, zoophilia means attraction, while bestiality refers to acting on this attraction. This means that people with zoophilia might just love tentacle porn and anime, while the other group will go and try humping animals. The major difference here is that the second thing is illegal in most parts of the world.

However, the act of zoophilia often leads to the use of tentacle dildos or tail plugs. They consider using these sex toys as a way of satisfying their kink. Good thing, companies have made their fetishes come into realization as they make animal-related sex toys which they can see at


Having sexual fantasies is perfectly normal. Each person has different kinks regardless of their sexual orientation. Having these fantasies is what makes good sex good and what keeps us alive. Unfortunately, people can’t choose their kinks and what they are attracted to.

Many fetishes work great for couples in real life, and the worst thing they need to do is come up with a safe word. As long as it is consensual and you aren’t hurting anyone, it’s fine.

For other fetishes, it might be best to find an alternative and not indulge your fantasies.