Why Tongue Vibrators Guarantee Powerful Orgasms

A relatively recent survey has shown that, among straight couples, women don’t reach orgasms as nearly as often as men do. The numbers say that, in a long-lasting relationship, 75% of men always reach orgasm. In the same scenario, the percentage of women who climax is at 26%. That’s a significant difference, and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons men are perceptibly more interested in having sex.

A person’s inability to reach orgasm even after ample stimulation is what we call anorgasmia. While men have it too, female anorgasmia is far more common. But just because you might have issues getting to the promised land doesn’t necessarily mean you need to visit your doctor. Sometimes, all you need is a push to get there. As Bob Dylan put it, the road is longer, and it winds and winds. Now, Dylan may or may not have been speaking about female orgasms, but the story’s the same.

It’s more challenging to reach a female orgasm than it is for guys to reach theirs. But, thankfully, there are many sex toys for women that can help with the situation, and tongue vibrators are some of them. But before we talk about this oral sex toy, let’s focus on the orgasm itself.

Difficulties in Reaching Orgasm for Women

As we’ve already said, many (most, even) women have difficulties reaching orgasm. To the majority of women, penetration itself is not nearly enough to climax. And even when penetrative sex can get them there, they’re usually not that lucky to have a guy who can run that marathon. In fact, studies have shown that men ejaculate about four minutes after beginning penetration.

Contrary to that, women, on average, need at least 10 to 11 minutes to get there. That’s a difference of 6–7 minutes right there. To counter that disadvantage, women need to participate in arousing foreplay, something men could often do without. In fact, you’ll rarely come across a woman who can come if there was no form of clitoral stimulation involved. That is why women appreciate when their partners perform oral sex on them.

Aside from physical issues such as recovering from a gynecological surgery or aging, there are many other causes of anorgasmia. Using specific medications, like antidepressants or SSRIs, can affect your ability to orgasm.

But depression itself can cause it too. Many women struggle with sexual anxiety that stems from poor body image, emotional abuse, and other sources of stress. If you can get your mind in the mood for fun, you’ll likely miss out on it, even if you try.

Furthermore, relationships can also cause a lack of enjoyment. Women are more contextual when it comes to sex; for men, it’s more of a physical activity than to a woman. For instance, lack of intimacy or unresolved disputes may ruin the session. And do you know who doesn’t cause any stress or relationship problems? That’s right — a vibrator!

How Can Difficulties in Reaching Orgasm Affect Women in General?

Well, first of all, the most apparent effect it will have is that you won’t enjoy sex as much as you would if you could orgasm regularly. But it can have different, more severe effects as well. For example, reaching orgasm allows you to clear your body and mind. It releases some of the stress that modern life causes. The point of release is both physically and psychologically pleasurable, and it puts us in a more positive mood.

When you don’t get to orgasm, you experience sexual frustration. That results in many negative effects, primarily on your psyche. You will get frustrated with your sexual activity, which can, in turn, only further damage your relationship with sex. In time, you can have an altered view of what your expectations should be. And every time you don’t succeed in orgasming, you will grow even more frustrated to the point where you’ll even stop trying. That can bring several psychological issues to your doorstep. Involuntary celibacy can bring lots of unwanted stress and unwelcoming thoughts.

It can also put serious strains on your relationship. Sex is an essential element in any romantic relationship. If you’re dissatisfied with how things are going sexually, your partner will be too. Your mood will reflect on them, and you will have trouble keeping the romance going.

Don’t worry, though; there’s a solution to this!

What Should a Woman Do to Solve This Problem?

The sex toy industry is a relatively new one, which started growing rapidly in the 1990s and the early 2000s. However, many women still frown upon the use of sex toys as something too kinky and inappropriate. That’s a misconception you should get rid of if you’ve got it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a toy! It’s not a sign of turning into a lonely cat lady; you can use it while there’s two (or more) of you in the room. Sex toys help you learn about your body and what it reacts to. They can help you make that trip you’ve been longing for.

Tongue Toys

When people say “sex toy,” most of us think of a rubber dildo or something kinkier that comes with latex boots and handcuffs. But, as we’ve already said, the sex toy industry is on quite a rise. There are plenty of toy types to choose from, and tongue vibrators are among them. Do you remember what we said about oral sex? Women need to experience clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. What better way to do it than by using a warm, wet part of your body that’s versatile and fast? You can even buy a tongue ring to let your partner enhance their performance.

Additionally, you can get yourself a tongue vibrator, which is just a regular vibrator, but the part you use is in the shape of a tongue. With it, you have a tongue at your service. You can stimulate your clitoris and vagina, and even go over all of your erogenous zones and get yourself into an orgasmic mood! You can use it all over your body — from the neck all the way to your feet. It’ll make you feel fantastic and will help you find out what else you enjoy. These vibrators come with various speed and vibration options. What’s more, you can even choose the pattern in which it licks you, and it won’t tire out as quickly as your partner! Still unsure if it’s for you? Browse the www.lovegasm.co collection, and let us know if you find something interesting!

When to Consult a Doctor?

Many women will find the use of a sex toy (tongue vibrators, in particular) enough help to overcome any form of anorgasmia. Usually, you just need some change in your routine. Most women don’t even know that sex can be more fun; they just don’t realize they’re simply not receiving enough stimulation.

However, there are times when there’s nothing you can do on your own. You may feel the problem is persistent, and you’re running out of options. If you think you need some medications or sex therapy to get you to enjoy sex, don’t feel ashamed and visit your doctor. The sooner you overcome this problem, the sooner you’ll enjoy sex (and yourself) a lot more!